What’s My Home Worth?

Although the media is awash with talk of median house prices for cities and suburbs, these are a reflection on a broad range of houses, often based on sales from two months or more previously and can be skewed by one or two large or small sales during times of little market activity.

This is where talking to an experienced professional who is working in the market every day can help give you the edge.

Competitive Analysis:

Considering the recent sales or properties currently on the market in your area, how do they compare to yours in terms of:

  • Location
  • Condition
  • Floor area
  • Presentation
  • Access to transport
  • School Zones
  • Market Perception
A good real estate sales consultant may also have knowledge of withdrawn or unsold properties and why they haven't sold.

Get Started.

Since you can't assess what you can't see, the first step in getting all the information above is to get a professional real estate consultant in to look through your home.

A 'virtual' appraisal is less personal, where we look at recent sales around the area, the records for your property and any comments you can include to give a rough estimate. In the same way that photos can't compare to an open home - a 'virtual' appraisal just can't be as accurate as an 'in-home' appraisal. However at this stage you may only be looking for an indication, so select the 'virtual' option and fill out the relevant details.

Choosing an 'in-home' appraisal means I will come and take a look at your property, to get a feel and see what potential your home has for the selling process.

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